Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Started....

Well, I'm jumping on the blog bandwagon.  I've created a few blogs in the past for my graduate classes but never really dreamed of creating a personal blog. Then, just before Christmas, we went to a gingerbread house decorating party hosted by our dear friends, the Hensleys.  During the party, we found out that the Hensleys six-year-old son had his own blog.  Yes, I said six-year-old.  At that point, I decided if a six-year-old can create a blog, surely a thirty-five-year old can.  So here I am!  Now that my little angel Arwen is here and Wakefield is getting older everyday (he's nine now--he was four when I met his father--how time flies!), I want to record all of our important memories because, frankly, I'm not getting any younger, and I have no confidence that my memory will hold out until they are grown. So, if you'd like, you are welcome to join me for the ride.  With this family, I can at least promise you that it should be entertaining!

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  1. Love that you are blogging and love the name! Happy Blogging!